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jan 15, 2019

Points to keep remember while you’re using Premier 11 Sports Buddy App

Sports Buddy App:As you may already know that, these days, millions of mobile gaming apps are available. For passing your time along with getting some real fun, the idea of playing games like premier 11 Sports Buddy App could become the best. After playing such games, players will feel that they are playing this game in real. You could easily have great fun and enjoyment by just playing such thrilling games. In this same situation, the players should have better info about the premier 11 Sports Buddy App. The following paragraphs of this article can help you to know some points that are essential to keep in mind.

What is the premier 11 Sports Buddy App?

Premier 11 Sports Buddy App is currently one of the best cricket mobile gaming apps that you can install by using various reliable platforms. In order to sign up in this game, you simply need to write your email address and password. By following this simple step, one can easily log in. You can register with your Facebook account as well.

It is all easy to manage your account in this Sports Buddy App

Sometimes, players may need to change either their username or password due to different reasons. In this situation, you should know that by just visiting the option “My Profile”, the players can easily change their username and password simultaneously. If you have lost or forgotten your password then you can effortlessly recover from such a situation.

Points to keep remember

After becoming familiar with some of the most important facts of premier 11 Sports Buddy App now, you should keep the following points there in your mind:

  • Your cricket team captain will get 2 times the points & vice-captain will receive 1.5 times the points
  • The players should maintain their strike rate above 70 which means that players should score70 runs per 100 balls
  • If you choose some players as substitution then point collected by them will not be added to your entire collection
  • You can click on the option “My Account” to check out some regular info of your main account balance
  • These are some of the most important points that the players of premier 11 of cricket mobile gaming app should keep remember while they are playing. In the end, you can say that premier 11 cricket mobile gaming app is currently one of the most awesome & reliable cricket gaming apps.

    Modify your teams as like you want

    In order to modify your chosen playing 11, players will have to understand that before the deadlines of any match fixture they can change it. The option of changing both the captain & vice-captain before the deadlines of the match is also available in this same game.

    You should also keep your eyes on the players that you have selected especially when you want to earn a lot of points through them.